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3 Count #3 (May 22 – 30)

WWE Tough Enough

CM Punks “Macho Man” tights – How awesome were these?  Really?  Actually, let me throw in CM Punk’s elbow drop from Over The Limit along with those tights.  On third thought, let me throw in CM Punk’s “tribute” to Bret Hart by using his moveset directly in front of him throughout the tag match on RAW.  Man, CM Punk is awesome.

Booker T/Michael Cole on Smackdown – Cole needed to loose to Lawler at the most recent pay per view but his back and forth with Booker T on Smackdown is way more entertaining.  I honestly think Booker needs someone like Cole on the show alongside him..otherwise, he’d never stop talking.  Seriously.  You could make a drinking game out of an episode of Smackdown for everytime Book says “Now DATS what I’m talkin’ ’bout” or “Like I said..”.

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3 Count #2: Top 3 “Macho Man” Randy Savage Matches

Ooooooo... YEAH!

So, given what happened on Friday with the untimely passing of Randy Savage, I thought I would change things up with this weeks “3 Count”.  Rather than highlight the week that was in WWE, I thought I would share my 3 favorite “Macho Man” matches for you.

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3 Count #1 (May 8-15, 2011)

Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan

Hey Folks,  here’s a new weekly feature!

I was trying to think of a few ways I could integrate a weekly wrestling article into the website.  I didn’t want to get too heavy-handed or get too in-depth.  As I was wracking my brain, trying to come up with something that people may want to actually read while also keeping it pretty straight forward and to the point – I miraculously thought of something.

In 3 count, I’m basically going to talk about 3 things.  They could be 3 great things or 3 terrible things.  I could even mix it up!   There are no rules!  NONE!  Well, other than the fact that I have to keep it to 3 items.  Without further adue, here is the first edition of 3 Count.

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